About Us

Scumaci International is dedicated to offering affordable luxuries to all women, and also assist cosmetologists in achieving the perfect end result for their clients.

Mina Scumaci has been a licensed cosmetologist for over 25 years and a salon owner for 20 plus years. Out of growing frustrations with the current rollers on the market, she created an innovative roller called:

The Original ClassiCurl® Roller


The Roller, Reinvented

Traditional rollers found in the marketplace are short in length, the plastic edges snag hair, they cause static, and collect lint. ClassiCurl® rollers are unique because of the combination of the 100% boar bristles and the 1.5” longer barrel. These patented rollers provide a stronger grip and longer-lasting blow-dries. They are a healthier alternative for smoothing the hair cuticle while creating volume and shine.


The Original ClassiCurl® Rollers were created to support the recent skyrocketing growth in the Blow-Dry Salon market. They are lighter in weight than brushes, cost effective, use less storage space, and are easier to manage. With the advanced technology of the unique design and the 100% boar bristles, each strand of hair will have volume, shape, movement, and shine. The 4” barrel will cover a larger surface area, and maintain stability in ultra-high temperatures. The Original ClassiCurl® Roller's staggered design of the boar bristles and ventilation holes will cut the cooling time in half!


The Original ClassiCurl Rollers | 2.0 inches in Yellow

Mina Scumaci


The Original ClassiCurl Rollers | 2.0 inches in Yellow

Victor Scumaci